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Concorde – The Supersonic Thoroughbred

Concorde – The Supersonic Thoroughbred

by Stephen Brown

Stephen Brown is a self-taught artist who has specialised almost exclusively in aviation subjects for the last 15 years. Building on a background as a landscape and aviation photographer, his style carefully combines both these areas of interest. Stephen’s originals in oil are in much demand and have been regularly exhibited with the prestigious Guild of Aviation Artists. Demand for his originals is high with regular commissions being undertaken for commercial and private clients as well as the RAF.

The following Concorde flight deck crew have signed the Artist Proof and Remarqued copies of “Concorde – The Supersonic Thoroughbred”

Please note that the Primary Edition is not signed by Captain Les Scott.

We do hope you will find these biographies of interest. We think that by knowing a little about the men behind each signature, it will help you get the most pleasure from your limited edition print. We would ask you not to reproduce the biographies in any format without our permission.

Captain Leslie Scott graduated from the School of Air Training, Oxford in 1968 and joined BOAC (British Airways) on the VC10. In 1975, a year after converting to the B747, he became a pilot instructor/examiner, a role he practiced on all subsequent aircraft types, including instructors' instructor on Concorde. In 1978 he led the operations group involved in the design and development to certification of the first 100/200 series B747 flight management system.

He gained his command in 1984 on the BAC 1-11 before moving back to the B747. 1994 saw him on Concorde, which he flew until retirement in 2002. On February 7, 1996 he was captain of the crew that set the world record time of 2:52.59 on the "blue ribbon" New York to London route. He is a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society and Associate Fellow of the Royal Institute of Navigation. He lives in New York, USA.

Senior First Officer Tim Orchard began his flying career in 1971. He has flown over 50 types of aircraft and is currently licenced to fly Aeroplanes, Helicopters, Hot Air Balloons and Hot Air Airships.

Tim is an air-test pilot, a Display Pilot, a Flight Instructor and a Senior Examiner (of Pilots and Flight Instructors) for the Civil Aviation Authority.

He jointly holds the Concorde World Record time for the journey from New York to London: 2hrs 52 minutes (7th February 1996).

Tim has flown in formation with the Concorde on several occasions; the Heathrow 50th Anniversary with Red Arrows and several air-to-air photography sorties.

In his career with British Airways Tim has flown the Hawker-Sidley Trident, the Concorde and the Boeing 777 as well as spending nine years as personal pilot to the BA Board in an executive aircraft.

Tim is Managing Director of a BA subsidiary which runs its own airfield. He owns a hot air balloon and a 1950s DeHavilland Chipmunk aircraft.



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